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A Farewell to Failed Young

Published 4d ago -

A Farewell to Failed Young (A parody of Sir Raleigh’s “A Farewell to False Love”) By K.D. Taylor “Most of you should disassociate yourself from your children! Because they’re losers! If your kids are eight, nine yea... More »


This Is Not a Well Made Poem

Published 5d ago -

by Kevin Higgins The well made poem puts on its dicky bow, walks to the top of the hill, and has what it calls an epiphany. The well made poem sees every side of the argument, except those proscribed by the BBC. The well made... More »


Let the People Decide!

Published 2w ago -

Jonathan Zimmerman University of Pennsylvania   “In Arizona, we are pro-parent. I want parents to do what they think is the right thing to do.”—Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, explaining why he opposes mask mandates in school... More »


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Get Vaccinated and Join Our Glorious Revolution!

Published 5d ago -

by Ethan Goffman The anti-vaxxers were right! It takes many months after the shots to activate, but the vaccine has a cocktail of micro-chips, DNA-altering chemicals, and genetically modified viruses that have turned us into China-loving zombies. It is blissfu... More »





I’m No Rocket Man

Published 4m ago -

Stephen J. Lyons I am a bad American. My sin: I don’t care one whit about Mars. There, I said it. Go ahead and dox me. Be mean and make me a meme. I will still not budge an inch from my stance. As Elton John famously sang: “Mars ain’t the kind of place t... More »

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