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Classic political satires from The Satirist, such as “A Modest Proposal to Convert Shopping Malls into Prisons” and “Are You a Conspiracy Theorist? Take the Test!”

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Are You a Conspiracy Theorist? Take The Test

Published 6m ago -

By Dan Geddes 12 September 2006 Are you a conspiracy theorist? Please take this self-test. If you frequently read internet news, then you may have unwittingly become a “conspiracy theorist.” Test Instructions Please check the box of the answer that... More »

King Willie The Slick, Then Junior Bushleague

Published 17y ago -

Cast of Characters (In Order of Appearance) King Willie The Slick Lady Hilarious, Wife of King Willie Sir Newt Gecko The Grand Inquisitor Prince Al The Bore Junior Bushleague   Once upon a time in the United States of Amnesia lived a king called King Will... More »

From The New Dictionary of American Cultural Literacy

Published 17y ago -

By Dan Geddes (With apologies to Ambrose Bierce, author of The Cynic’s Word Book.) Christmas Christmas Season, The Consumer Cool Credit Card Drug War, The History Internet, The Irony Like Model Product Placement Republican “Saturday Night of Justice”... More »

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