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The Satirist  features original works of satire and parody, especially literary artifacts, as well as serious criticism and book reviews.

The Satirist publishes satirical news as seen in  The Onion, but these are just for topical amusement; they don't generally purport to be of any lasting literary value.

In fact, readers of The Satirist are as likely to be reading or citing our book reviews and movie reviews as enjoying our "news", satires, poems, and essays.

The Satirist sometimes wishes it were The New Yorker, aspiring to lofty heights of sophistication and perspicacity. Instead, The Satirist produces news, book reviews, movie reviews, and general satire, including essays.

Satire Submissions - Content Tips

Satires often play with genre-bending. So it's always important to establish the "genre" of the satire. News satires should read like a news article, unless it is purporting to be another type of article, such as an op-ed, an essay, a review, or whatever.

Thus, the perspective and tone of the author should also remain consistent. (There are rarely good reasons for breaking down the verisimilitude of the piece, though it may appear irresistible at times, especially when aiming to achieve a higher level of absurdity.)

For political satire, the better pieces take aim at, for example, both major American political parties, rather than take an obviously partisan position.

Topical news is great, but generally has a short shelf-life. It's also worthwhile to aim for more timeless satire, difficult as it is.

The Satirist - Submissions - How to

  • Please familiarize yourself with The Satirist.
  • Send an email to submissions[at] with a query and/or a completed work. You should receive an automated reply confirming receipt.
  • Please include the title of your piece in the email subject line. A funny title has a better chance to attract attention--from editors and online readers.
  • Send plain text, HTML email, MS-Word, or PDF.
  • Please do not send something already published anywhere online.
  • There is no fixed word limitation or maximum word count. Longer, more developed pieces are generally preferred to "flash fiction."
  • Due to the volume of submissions, please expect that it may take a long time for a reply. If you don't receive a reply, you should assume it hasn't been accepted, but after 30 days, feel free to send a follow-up email to thesatir[@]
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted. However, if you publish your piece elsewhere, please let us know.
  • Please include a one paragraph author bio below your piece.
  • Please find an appropriate photo to complement your article, if possible.
  • Optionally, you may also send an author photo for your byline.
  • Submitting authors retain full copyright over their work. If the submitted work is later republished elsewhere, the author should include "First published in The Satirist" (in an acceptable reference style) and include a link to the piece at The Satirist.
  • Submissions are unpaid.

Thank you for reading The Satirist.

Dan Geddes

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