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The Satirist – America’s Most Critical Book (vol. 1)


The Satirist cover
The Satirist, Volume 1

The Satirist is a great book to pick up for an hour every other day. It’s also a great to read aloud to your friends, lover or housemates.”  – Amsterdam Book Center

Geddes’s prose is witty, persuasive and rocks the proverbial boat. His book helps us shed light on issues that have become such a normal part of capitalist society that we often fail to see the obscurity or the solutions therein. Geddes’s book leaves the reader chuckling to him or herself and questioning, ‘just what if things do go that far?’ – Amsterdam Book Center


Since 1999, millions of readers and web crawlers have read The Satirist online.

Now fifty-eight of the funniest pieces have been collected in this classic volume of satire.

Learn how to start your own religious cult in “The Seven Habits of Highly Efficient Cult Leaders”! Read Swiftian satire such as “A Modest Proposal to Convert Shopping Malls into Prisons”. Take the hilarious conspiracy theory test, or the Myers-Briggs like personality test (“Are you an AEIOÜ?”).

Enjoy short biographies of “lost geniuses,” such as Claire Hoyt, the “shrink to the stars,” who openly gossiped about Hollywood’s leading celebrities! Or the prolific French philosopher, Claude Roger, who was caught plagiarizing from his own students.

Laugh at reviews of imaginary movies by Disney and Quentin Tarantino, as well as reviews of imaginary books by John Irving and Thomas Pynchon! Satirical news, satirical poems, and humorous short stories about living “lost in Florida” round out this long-awaited first volume of The Satirist!

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The Satirist online vs. The Satirist, vol. 1
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Author/comedian Paul Krassner, wrote of The Satirist:

“The more blandness and repression there is in any society, the more need there is for irreverence toward those who are responsible for that blandness and repression. The Satirist serves such a purpose with imagination and style.” reviewers

“Sail into 2014 with laugher and understanding! The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Book is a fun read. Take it with you whever you go and enjoy your spare moments.” –Marvin

“A very enjoyable read. In the same vein as The Onion but more intellectual. You may not read it all in one sitting but it’s nice to pick up from time to time and muse on the seven habits of highly effective cult leaders or the merits of converting shopping malls into prisons. I recommend picking up a copy.” –Peter

“Dan Geddes humorous satire entertains while challenging the status quo. This collection of short stories covers a wide array of topics ranging from tax returns to zen masters….The essays are important and timely….In “The Satirist”, politicians, corporations, pop stars, governments and yes, even zen masters, are called on the carpet for their shenanigans.” –Patrick

“Dan Geddes’s The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Book (Volume I) collects fourteen years (1999 – 2012, inclusive) of his satirical essays, news reports, reviews of films and books, profiles of famous people, and short fiction. It is an hilarious and very readable collection. With sly humor and considerable craft, Geddes pokes well-deserved fun at greedy corporations, hamhanded Hollywood, and venal government….The duty of satire is to remind the reader of human failures that do harm to us as a society, but which have become so commonplace that we overlook and accept them. Geddes submits his first volume having performed that duty with humor, perspicacity, and love.” –Eric

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The Satirist cover
The Satirist, Volume 1

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The Satirist:
America’s Most Critical Book
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Download a PDF Excerpt of The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Book (vol. 1).

The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Book – Table of Contents


The Seven Habits of Highly
Efficient Cult Leaders
A Modest Proposal to Convert
Shopping Malls into Prisons
Are You an AEIOÜ? Take the Breyers-Devere Probe of Human Worth!
The New Dictionary of American
Cultural Literacy
Junior Bushleague
Are You a Conspiracy Theorist? Take
the Test!
The Pathetic Lives of Satirists and

Imaginary News

Capitology: Fastest Growing Cult in
Man Claims Local Bagel Shop is a
“Basic Human Right”
“People from Families” Should Vote
Man Injures Shoppers Fighting for
“Almost Handicapped” Parking Spot
Millions March in the Who Wants
to Be a Millionaire?
Man March
Bush May Hold Cheney’s Hand During
9/11 Testimony
Cheney Agonizing Whether to Seize
Saudi Arabia’s Oil Now or Later
Palin Addicts Form “Sarah Palin
US Supreme Court: Tasing Pregnant
Women Not “Excessive Force”
Americans Protest Public Health
Care, Social Security, and Public Water
New Reality TV Show Foreclosure
Obama Drops 10,000 Tons of Boots on
US Supreme Court Overturns Social Security
US Unemployment Rate Drops to 0%
Meat Packer Introduces Pink Slime
Man Who Developed Great Abs Says
Life Still the Same
Amsterdam High School Relocates to
Save Historic Coffeeshop
US Replaces Labor Day Holiday with
“Capitalist Overlord Day”
Supporters Praise Romney for “Not
Being Obama”
IRS: Frozen Bodies Are Subject to
Income Tax
Jesus Look-Alike To Be Crucified
for Feeding 5,000 Homeless People

Lost Geniuses

Max Sazonov: Russia’s Greatest
Dr. Claire Hoyt: “Shrink to the
Claude Roger: Philosopher or Fraud?
Karl Kinski: “The Anti-Artist”
Felix Spielenhammer: “The Heavy Mahler”
Alexandria Czechtealeaves: True
Hans Donkerzijde’s Amsterdam City
Last Interview with the Zen Master

Reviews of Imaginary Movies

Disney Movies

Disney’s Genesis
Disney’s King David
Disney’s The Book of Revelations
Disney’s Animal Farm
Disney’s 1984

The Movies of Jake Steiger

Mr. Kleen
Meet the Gambinos
Bringing up Eight
Serial Murderers Naturally
The Lusitania

Quentin Tarantino Movies

Quentin Tarantino’s Scent of a
Quentin Tarantino’s Harder

Reviews of Imaginary Books

Review: John Irving’s The Third
Lost William Faulkner Novel Found?
Review: Thomas Pynchon’s Dys


Saint Nicholas and Count Monet
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Tax

Lost in Florida

Fast Food Satori
My First Cubicle
Fridays at the Blind Pig’s Pub
Last Night in Deerwood

The Satirist Online and The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Book (Vol. 1) Compared

The Satirist (online) is as well-known for book reviews as for satire. The site contains more than two-hundred and forty articles.

Fifty-eight of the best articles from the satires, news, and fiction sections have been collected as The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Book (vol. 1) (paperback, Kindle).

The book also includes never-before published pieces, including the Zen Master satire, two hilarious poems, and the poignant story, “Last Night in Deerwood”.

Published by: Omin Press, Amsterdam
Pages: 180

BISAC Categories: Fiction; Humor / Form / Parodies
ISBN: 978-9081999700

The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Book (Vol. 1)
(print version)
The Satirist: America’s Most Critical Book (Vol. 1)
(Kindle Edition)

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