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Are You a Conspiracy Theorist? Take The Test

Published 6m ago -

By Dan Geddes 12 September 2006 Are you a conspiracy theorist? Please take this self-test. If you frequently read internet news, then you may have unwittingly become a “conspiracy theorist.” Test Instructions Please check the box of the answer that... More »


Published 2y ago -

(a Play in One Act) by Mollie Fermaglich Cast of Characters Barack “Barry” Hussein Obama. . . .President of the United States of America Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu . . . .Prime Minister of the Jewish State of Israel. Sol, a Waiter . . . .An older Jewish... More »

Don’t Forget to Swim

Published 4y ago -

The first time I lost a kid, I felt real bad about it. I’d seen him treading water, of course, but there were others in worse shape. I saw him go under but by the time I got there, he was gone. He’d settled slowly to the bottom and there was no bringing hi... More »

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Facebook Funeral for Computer Game Enthusiast

Published 5y ago -

Computer Gamer Mourned on Facebook By Dan Geddes 14 February 2013 TOLEDO – Zed Rigby, 65, a life-long computer game enthusiast, died in his home in Toledo, Ohio last Monday. Mr. Rigby leaves behind no family or actual friends, but a number of his virtual... More »

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