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How Do I Love Me? (Sonnets from the Pekinese 43)

Published 2w ago -

By Martin H. Levinson   How do I love me? Let me count the ways. I love me when I rise at break of day, staggering around blindly in a haze in search of car keys sadly gone astray. I love me when I say a careless thing that I regret cannot be taken back. ... More »


Limericks for the Trump Era

Published 2m ago -

by Tim Koechlin 2 January 2018 The Confounding Election of Donald Trump There once was a racist from Queens, A predator – grown women and teens! A serial liar, He stiffs his suppliers, But no worries! He says what he means.   Trump, His Base, and Econom... More »

Song: “Tiny Hands Czar”

Published 1y ago -

By Steven Michaels 18 February 2017 Blue states hate me! Mick Mulvaney, where’s my inauguration band? Crazy eyed, party lines, we’ll tarry our four year plans! Pudzerino, you must have known, oh, there’d be dancing in the land! And now it’s all ME,... More »

Delicacies to Die For

Published 1y ago -

By Bruce Lader 12 February 2017 Reserve far in advance for this restaurant named after the last Pyrenean ibex. Celia’s authentic wildlife atmosphere of real wolf heads, Blue Hyacinth Macaws and Saint Francis’ Satyr butterflies definitely merits the set gra... More »

Letter from Saint Nicholas to the Tax Inspector

Published 1y ago -

To: Irving R. Sheen, Tax Inspector From: Saint Nicholas of Myra, alias “Sinterklaas”, “Santa Claus” Taxpayer ID: 000-00-0002 Date of Birth: 5 December, 343 A.D. (12-05-0343) Occupation: Bishop Emeritus Subject: Amended Tax Return  ... More »

Ecclesiastes in the Showroom

Published 1y ago -

By Andrew Kuhn 5 December 2016 Vanity, vanity, all is vanity— Or countertop, or cabinet, Or sit-down all-stone shower-bath With pulsing sensurround adjustable flow— But even these: vanities, all. For in the showroom of the world All things are as floor sam... More »

A Modern Arcadia

Published 1y ago -

By Martin H. Levinson 27 November 2016 South of Brooklyn west of the Hudson there’s a land packed with pissed off men and upright women who don’t like things the way they are in rust belt towns, exurb villages, red state, alt hate, millions of Muslims ... More »

In an era of bikes, what John Donne sees

Published 1y ago -

By Andrew Kuhn 18 September 2016 Her tidy rump perched on the tri-corn seat, whose long nose rests where his yet longs to be. . . . That under her own power she should leave— So lately his alone, yet so easily Now flying from him—appears barbarous, Unthink... More »

Pro Ball

Published 1y ago -

  Here’s how it works: It starts in the pickup games In the schoolyard or the park Where everyone can see That you’re a player And before you know it You’re on some kids’ team In an organized league And you’re a genuine star And ... More »

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