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Taking the Guilt Out of Christmas

Published 4m ago -

By Elaine Kendall 25 December 2017 The first slight waves of holiday guilt begin before Halloween, usually causing only a passing frisson or two of regret. The early ripples are the lavish mega-catalogues; beginning with those from places where you may have bo... More »


A Visit from St. Nicholas to Homeland Security

Published 1y ago -

By Jon Reiner 24 December 2016 United States Border Crossing, Houlton, ME, December 24, 2016 Record of Sworn Statement in Proceedings under Section 235(b)(1) of the Act I am an Officer of the United States Department of Homeland Security. I am authorized to ad... More »


Bah Humbug: Greta Garbo Reviews Holiday Movies

Published 2y ago -

The Nightmare Before Christmas Dismayed by his townspeople, Jack wanders away from them. He should have kept going, because he stumbles upon an obsession for the “happy feelings” of Christmas. This almost gets him killed. It proves that chasing happiness i... More »

Santa drinking wine

A Brief History of Saint Nicholas

Published 3y ago -

One thing is clear: Christmas traditions differ in every country in which they are celebrated. The pre-Christian Germanic peoples centered their winter celebration, Yule (which is still mentioned in the same breath as Christmas) around the god of Odin. Odin wa... More »

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