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The Wall: If You Fix It, They Won’t Come

Published 2y ago -

The Wall a novel by Nathan Wisft Reviewed by Paul Zakaras 23 May 2016 “Nightmare land down there, ol’ buddy,” a character in Nathan Wisft’s sci-fi novel, The Wall, tells his lover. “Power going off, sewers bubbling up, and that bad chicken’s giving... More »

Midnight’s Sunshine

Published 2y ago -

Imaginary Review by Jack Belck 6 January 2016 Midnight’s Sunshine, Wanda Buchanan’s first novel, explores in a brisk and emotively effective way the varieties of familial relations and their discontents during twenty-two chapters of exciting and heart-... More »

Back Cover from The Blood Soaked Bed

Published 3y ago -

(A Jason Half-Pillow Ennui Existential) When Amy One Eye Shut, an almost pathologically shy Navajo Maid at just another in a scattered series of California desert town Ramada Inns between Barstow and Bakersfield, bends her round figure down to prop up Room 113... More »

John Irving’s The Third Leg

Published 14y ago -

Imaginary Review by Dan Geddes John Irving’s latest book, The Third Leg, depicts the life of John Bath, an aging, award-winning writer, struggling with his literary destiny and his unusual family. As the novel opens, Bath is grappling with his next opus, The... More »

Dys by Thomas Pynchon

Published 15y ago -

Pynchon’s Dystopia Dys by Thomas Pynchon Imaginary review by Dan Geddes A new Thomas Pynchon work is always an event, and his devoted readers will treasure his latest effort, Dys. Dys is clearly dystopian fiction, but it is still a Pynchon work more than any... More »

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