Skeptics Wonder if U.S. World Domination Plan Still on Track

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Published 4 weeks ago -

WASHINGTON – While most Americans support the U.S. drive for world domination, some have confessed to harboring doubts about the master plan.

A recent CNN / Langley University poll of Americans showed that 18% of Americans were skeptical about the U.S. master plan for global hegemony, a significant rise from the 12% rate of imperial skepticism found during an April 2016 survey taken under President Obama.

Skeptics doubt whether America’s plans for global mastery are still on track, especially during the seemingly ill-starred Presidency of Donald Trump, with its series of staggering blows to America’s prestige and international stature.

Langley University researchers also published the comments of survey participants, who asked some tough questions about the competence of U.S. policy makers.

While these few skeptics harbor doubts about the manifest destiny of the most powerful nation in human history to execute its plan for global hegemony, most mainstream Americans remain confident in U.S. plans for global domination.

U.S. force project

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