The Art of Body Sculpting

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Published 4 years ago -

by Johnnie Flecks

The Modern Scholar Series

Recorded Books is pleased to present the Modern Scholar Series, where great professors teach you. My name is Cecily Scatterwhicke-Mountbatten, and I will be your host.

Today we begin a course entitled The Art of Body Sculpting. Your professor will be Johnnie Flecks. Johnnie Flecks is an Associate Professor of Physical Education and Director of the Phillips C. Moore Recreation Facility at Anna Domenici Community College in Westphalia, Pennsylvania where he has taught since 2012 and directs the Southwestern Pennsylvania Weight Lifters Association.

He received his PhD in Homeopathy and Gyrokinetics from Albatross University in 2009, a prestigious online international academy, and previously taught as a visiting instructor at Center Valley Community College, West Innsbruck Treatment Center, the Maharishi Institute for Enlightenment, Gold’s Gym, World Universal Gym, and the Silver Sneakers Adult Recreational Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

He also holds several masters degrees; a Masters in Education from Devrile University, a Masters of Business Administration from Holy Trinity, an online subsidiary of New Baptist College, and a Masters of English from Newark College.

He has held fellowships at The Elk Mountain Club, The Rainbow Cowboy Outdoor Club, the Male Center for the Advancement of Muscle, and the Carnigie Institute – the one located in Waynesville, not the one in Pittsburgh.

Fleck’s first book, My Muscle, My Life,  Lulu self-publishing press, 2009, received a Gold Barbell Award from Weight Lifters United Press, an Honorable Mention in Muscle Head Monthly, as well as four stars from several reviewers, as well as five “plan to read” entries on Goodreads. His second book, published two weeks after the release of his first book, No Such Thing as Roid Rage gathered international praise from several Dutch bicyclists, as well as shout-out Tweets from Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, and Paul Rand.

With a new publisher,, Fleck’s third book Don’t be Hatin’ Me ‘Cause I Sculpt My Bod Like Michelangelo Sculpted his Marble failed to garner accolades in 2010. That was until International Weightlifting Champion Francoise Jonquil toasted to Fleck’s erudition during a dinner hosted in Paris at the International Weightlifters Convention. His latest work is called Dumbbells – A Malapropism.

His sexual health articles have appeared in “It’s a Man’s Life,” “Gay and Buff,” “Seventeen,” “Mademoiselle,” and “Ranger Rick.” His essay, “Brother, can you spot me 1,000 pounds?” was analogized accidently in the British satirical magazine Punch. The article was not in any way satirical. His YouTube exercise video “Get The Biceps of a Triceratops” has 10,076 views.

In 2011, Flecks received the prestigious prize of $1,000 from the National Endowment and Enlargement Center for his studies on physical education. Choice Magazine also named him as Exercise Guru of the Day. He co-edited a health book for the Texas Department of Education called, “This Ain’t for Pansies: An Exercise Regimen for the Republic.” He has also edited health and sexual education books for the Heritage Foundation, The American Heritage Institute, and the Institute for the Preservation of Our Precious American Blood. He has served as a reader for The New York Post editorial board as well as a health commentator for Fox News. View

The first child of his family to attend leave the small coal-mining town of Troweenia, Pennsylvania, Flecks lives with his three cats and two dogs in a trailer off Interstate 78.

For more information on this course, please visit Professor Fleck’s web page:

And now, The Art of Body Sculpting by Johnnie Flecks.

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