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Kim Kardashian: Face of the New $10 Bill

By Lori Taylor

7 December 2015

Many people agree that the United States dollar is the ugliest looking money in the world. That is soon going to change. U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew recently announced: “A woman will be featured on the redesigned $10 bill” (Wattles 1).

There have been many discussions around about whose face shall grace our new $10 bill. If the United States Treasury wants to make our money better looking, they need to stop placing tired looking old men on our money. This person should be someone who is well-known worldwide, and who has a major influence on our nation today. The top choice that comes to my mind is the one and only, Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman whose face is plastered on magazines and televisions all over the world. She will be the perfect replacement for Alexander Hamilton whose olive green face has been on our money long enough.

The United States Treasury needs to show the rest of the world what Americans believe to be important assets in this country; that if you are rich and beautiful, you are more important than Americans who have merely worked hard for some “cause,” such as fighting for the right to vote or equality for all Americans. Those accomplishments, while admirable, should never come into consideration on deciding who should be on our American currency. These old-fashioned ideas are not very important in this country anymore.

Kim Kardashian has many qualities that Americans value in today’s society.  One of the biggest assets that has made her famous is her beauty. Kim has been selected to an elite list that many Americans consider the definitive guideline on who is beautiful—People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People List.” In 2010 Kim made that distinguished list (NY Daily News 20).

Let us not forget that she also has posed nude in Playboy magazine.  This is definitely one thing that cannot be said about any of the other men whose portraits are on our currency. Her beauty will be one of the greatest ways of making our currency more appealing to not only our country, but to other nations around the world. Men would love to have the picture of a beautiful woman in their wallets.

Scandals have been around forever and are very important in the American culture. One of the fastest ways to become famous is to be immersed in a scandal, and Kim also has that qualification. Her sex tape scandal in 2007 was the talk of the world. It should only be appropriate that the woman who became famous because of a scandal should replace the man who is currently on the $10 bill. Alexander Hamilton, who was the first Secretary of the Treasury, was involved in a scandal of his own. Mr. Hamilton was killed in a duel with the sitting Vice-President Aaron Burr. An outdated scandal should be replaced by a scandal that is more relevant in today’s society. 

The Department of the Treasury should take under consideration another stipulation in choosing whose face should grace our money: the person needs to be extremely rich. Kim Kardashian also meets this criterion. Every year, Forbes magazine has a list of the world’s 100 richest celebrities. In the 2015 edition, Kim was listed as  “number 33 with a net worth of 52.5 million dollars” (Greenburg 1). Most of that source of wealth comes from being a reality television star. Americans do not care how you earn your money as long as you acquire a lot of it. Being a multi-millionaire should be the biggest consideration of having your face of the new $10 bill. We as Americans do not want to see a person who has had to scrape and claw to make something of himself or herself the face of our currency or nation. It should be someone who did not have to do much, but look pretty.

The best reason of all why Kim Kardashian should be the only choice for the new $10 bill is that we would have a two-for-one. Not only would her beautiful face be on the front of our currency, but her other famous “asset” could also be used. The United States Treasury Department could also redesign the back of the bill. Replace the picture of the U.S. Treasury building with a picture of Kim’s rear end. Many people around the world already love to gaze at Kim’s rear all day long. It would also give people a chance to be able to touch her rear end many times a day. If the Treasury Department does not want to redesign the back of the bill, they could always put her rear in the watermark.

I am so tired of hearing people say that women such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, or Elizabeth Cady Stanton should be considered for this honor. These four women should not even be in the same conversation as Kim Kardashian. What did these women do for America?

Admittedly, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt served as a “leader in forming the United Nations, the U.S. United Nations Association, and Freedom House. She chaired the committee that drafted and approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (NWE Roosevelt 1). She was also “very vocal about her support of the American Civil Rights Movement and of African-American rights” (NWE Roosevelt 1). That is not something very important. Fighting for human rights is no longer relevant. Everyone is free and treated equally now. Yes, she came from a rich and influential family, but no one would ever consider her a cover girl.

Another name that always seems to creep into the conversation is Harriet Tubman. Tubman was a spy for the North during the Civil War, as well as an abolitionist. What is so important about a black woman who, “acted as intelligence gatherer, refugee organizer, raid leader, nurse, and fundraiser, all as part of her efforts to end slavery and combat racism” (NWE Tubman 1). It is not like there are people in slavery anymore. Harriet was a slave most of her life and it is not like being a spy would make anyone rich. Maybe Oprah Winfrey should be under consideration for the new face of the $10 bill. After all, she is the richest black woman in America.

Another woman who has been brought up for consideration is Rosa Parks. Parks was nothing but an “African-American civil rights activist whom the U.S. Congress dubbed the "Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement" (NWE Parks 1). Her greatest achievement in life was “her refusal on December 1, 1955 to obey bus driver James Blake's demand that she give up her seat to a white passenger” (NWE Parks 1).  Not wanting to give up her seat is no reason to put her on the $10 bill. It is not as if anybody outside New York City takes public transportation anymore.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, whose only claim to fame was she became an “American leader in the women’s rights movement who in 1848 formulated the first organized demand for woman suffrage in the United States” (NWE Stanton 1). If anyone wants to know what suffrage means, look it up in one of those old-fashioned dictionaries. The only reason her name is coming up in this conversation is that in the year 2020, when the U.S treasury is redesigning the $10 bill, it will be the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which “guarantees all American women the right to vote (19th Amendment 1). It is not as if the women’s vote helps decide an election. Because of the women’s suffrage movement, many women such as Hillary Clinton think they deserve to run for President of the United States.

These four women have a very important qualification that Kim does not. These four women are all deceased. According to Secretary Lew of the United States Treasury Department, “the portrait must also - by law - be of someone who is no longer living” (Wattles 1). That means that if Kim Kardashian wants her face on the new $10 bill, she would have to be deceased. Some people in the U.S. believe that Kim’s death would be good for America and have suggested that the issue could easily be “taken care of.”  It would be terrible for North West to lose her mother; yet everyday American servicewomen are risking their lives defending our country. If North and new baby Saint West want to remember their mother, all the family has to do is wallpaper the kid’s room with the $10 bills that have their mother’s face on them. That way they can look at their mother all day long. It is not like the family couldn’t afford it.

Most of America would agree that the qualities that Kim has far outweigh the outdated, old-fashioned ideas of the other four women. The qualities that Americans believe are important today are: being famous, making lots of money, being in a scandal or two, and being extremely sexy and beautiful. That is why Kim Kardashian should be the overwhelming choice as the new face of the $10 bill.

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Lori Taylor is a mother, grandmother and a cat-lady who got back in academia at the young age of 48. Having been a fan of political satire for many years, this is Lori’s first satirical publication. Her guilty pleasures are reading Stephen King and watching Alfred Hitchcock movies. She is also a Whovian, who would love to be the first female Dr. Who.