Limericks for the Trump Era

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Published 2 months ago -

by Tim Koechlin

2 January 2018

The Confounding Election of Donald Trump

There once was a racist from Queens,
A predator – grown women and teens!
A serial liar,
He stiffs his suppliers,
But no worries! He says what he means.


Trump, His Base, and Economic Policy

White workers were sold on his pitch,
He understands about that which they bitch.
They work hard, but they’re poor,
Now their jobs are offshore,
The solution? Tax cuts! (for the rich).


The Ryan Doctrine

Corporate tax cuts and deregulation,
Invite plunder, and toxification.
Pols talk of “real folks,”
But it’s all for the Kochs,
The Ryan Doctrine: Profit Maximization


Tim Koechlin is the Director of the International Studies Program at Vassar College, where he has an appointment in International Studies and Urban Studies. Professor Koechlin has taught and written about a variety of subjects including economic, political and racial inequality; globalization; and urban political economy. He has also published several “less scholarly” essays on politics, baseball, aging, healthcare, Chris Christie, Barry Manilow, and doughnuts.

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