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King Willie The Slick, Then Junior Bushleague. Once upon a time in the United States of Amnesia lived a king called King Willie The Slick. Now King Willie was a popular king, known throughout the land for his big smile and feathery head of hair. But one day King Willie the Slick was caught smoking a cigar that had been dipped in the sweet nectar of a harmonica flower. In fact, thousands of harmonica flowers had to be cut to extract the nectar for a single savory cigar. And the good people of Amnesia felt that harmonica flowers ought not to be cut for such a purpose, or, even if they were (for truth be told some of the people themselves smoked such cigars), it should be done in privacy, and certainly not by the King under any circumstances, who probably shouldn’t be smoking at all...

A Modest Proposal - To Convert Shopping Malls Into Prisons. America could make use of its aging shopping malls.

Excerpts from The New Dictionary of American Cultural Literacy. Key American cultural terms such as SuperBowl and "Saturday Night of Justice" are defined for the culturally ignorant.

The Satirist - August 2000 News.

The Satirist - November 2000 News. Election Year 2000 coverage.