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Bleistein at the Royal Ballet

As boorish as it sounds
I have to say
That there is
An element of silliness
In the classical male ballet.
I mean
What exactly
Is the point
Of jumping high into the air
And banging your ankles together
Like a demented au pair?
And forget the full basket
And chiseled derriere
Of men in their underwear.

25 September 2015

Fred Russell is the pen name of an American-born writer living in Israel. His novels Rafi's World (Fomite Press), dealing with Israel's emerging criminal class, and The Links in the Chain (CCLaP), a thriller set in New York with an Arab-Israel background, were both published in 2014. His stories and essays have appeared in Third Coast, Polluto, Fiction on the Web, Wilderness House Literary Review, Ontologica, Unlikely Stories: Episode 4, Gadfly, Cultural Weekly, Ragazine, In Parenthesis, etc.

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