Sati: The Widow Baker

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Published 7 years ago -

By K.D. Taylor

How do I love thee? Let me count the blaze
Of yon bright pyre the proof of my heart’s worth!
Living, my bosom ever burned with mirth;
In death, now let it scintillate thy praise.
Widowed, bereft, and left to mourn my days
And nights alone, as one who wastes in dearth,
I count my life but loss, nor shall the earth
Beckon me to prolong this mortal phase.
Let tears, for thy sake shed, serve for a toast,
Poured forth as clear elixir to thy name,
And take my flame-lapped body for a roast,
Savoring of the sweetness of thy fame.
Of all whom I have loved, I loved thee most,
And now love, at its most, at thee I aim.

K.D. Taylor is the author of The Cosmic Oddball, a book of poetic satires.

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