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A liberated sage only has no world. This world is an illusion or unreal for a man of discrimination. – The Divine Life Society

Entranced, I sit, renounced of every care.
From multitudes of things not really there,
I am withdrawn, a sage, a mystic, shunned
By the impassioned slaves who pass me, stunned
To see one from illusion’s grasp set free,
Who knows this illusory world to be
The prank of Maya; that great cosmic jest
Which makes a sport of life’s deluding zest,
And passions fire only to burn therewith
The lust-crazed victims of Varuna’s myth.
Nothing is ventured, nothing here is gained,
For “here” is an illusion, as explained
By the awakened ones who have achieved
Emancipation, and are thus relieved
Of naught (for all around is naught, we know),
And their steadfast escape from nothing show
Through still quiescence by Fate’s hand dispensed
Upon them, that their lives might work against
The tide of mass deceit that is this world
Which plagues all life into the cosmos hurled.
The universe is jugglery alone;
The joke’s on them who think it’s really known.

K.D. Taylor is the author of The Cosmic Oddball, a book of poetic satires.

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