Michael Moore Fears Death in Plane Crash

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Published 12 years ago -

NEW YORK. Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore reportedly will no longer fly on commercial airliners out of fear of a possible crash.

“Well, maybe I’m superstitious about it. But I’m not taking any chances,” said Moore.

When asked whether his new fear of flying sprang from his vocal opposition to the Bush Administration, Moore replied: “No. I mean just because Bush’s political opponents like Paul Wellstone, or the guy who ran against Ashcroft for the Senate in 2000, or JFK Jr., who was about to announce his candidacy for President in ’99, died in plane crashes, doesn’t mean I have anything to worry about. Those are just coincidences. Besides, if they ever killed me, they could make it look like a heart attack, I guess.”

See also: Canadian Bacon (1995). Michael Moore’s 1995 comedy about a wag-the-dog war against Canada rings true today.

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