U.S. Drops 10,000 Tons of Boots on Libya; Obama Still Says “No Boots on the Ground”

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Published 7 years ago -

LONDON—The English News Service has reported that the US Air Force has dropped 10,000 tons of regulation army boots of all sizes into Libya. Reportedly, the boots were supposed to have been delivered to an anti-Ghadafi base, but were accidentally dropped from a sortie of planes.

The Obama Administration has denied the incident, asserting again that “We have no boots on the ground in Libya. We prefer to kill our enemies from the skies, showing that we are gods just as powerful as Zeus, who hurled thunderbolts down upon his enemies, dispensing divine punishment, out of his enemy’s reach.”

Satellite footage has also revealed the footprints of thousands of sets of feet, footprints that on close inspection could have only been made by regulation US army boots, such as the kind the US accidentally dropped on Libya earlier this week, before the boots’ mysterious disappearance.

Still Vice President Biden supported President Obama by insisting “We will never have boots on the ground in Libya. No boots! I promise! Maybe Blackwater, but not us.”


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