Supporters Praise Romney for “Not Being Obama”

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Published 6 years ago -

While it is clear that millions of people support Romney mainly because he is not Obama, others support Romney because he vows to rollback health care insurance for the uninsured. Some are impressed with his determination to start another Middle Eastern war. But others are hoping he will gamble their Social Security trust fund on derivatives and other financial products in the open market.

Even people without insurance often support Romney on health care,” says Romney supporter Myron Dickson.

“They prefer to nobly sacrifice themselves and their families by foregoing medical treatment for a higher cause, namely in order to defeat the dark shadow of socialized medicine which has descended upon our land because of Obama.  Private insurance companies should continue to be encouraged to maximize profits by denying health care to sick people whenever possible. That’s what capitalism is all about.”

“Romney also promises to attack Iran, and probably other countries where predominantly non-white terrorist people live. He will probably bomb them with drones just as Obama has done, as the world will never rise up outrage at this. This promise to continue killing people with drones has also inspired millions of voters,” says Dickson.

Bill Daniels supports Romney too. “Romney’s got the stones to gamble the entire Social Security trust fund on Wall Street. Obama’s been happy with my Social Security making 1% on Treasury Bills. I would much rather entrust my retirement to investment banks with close ties to Romney. I’m sure they have my best interests at heart. This way I am sure to have a more comfortable retirement.”

“Never before has a candidate been so wooden and uninspiring and relied so heavily upon his constituents’ hatred of a sitting President,” said Obama supporter Frank Papillon.

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