Lost Geniuses

Short bi­ogra­phies of lost ge­niuses, such as Claire Hoyt, the “shrink to the stars,” who openly gos­siped about Hol­ly­wood’s lead­ing celebri­ties! Or the pro­lific French philoso­pher, Claude Roger, who was caught pla­gia­riz­ing from his own stu­dents.

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Last Interview with the Zen Master

Published 3y ago -

By Dan Geddes 21 January 2015 America’s fullness is a bad fullness; an emptiness. America is full of emptiness, because it is too full of fullness. It is even empty of emptiness—but in the bad way. –Yamamoto Shunryu Yamamoto (’JA-MAH-’MOH-TOH) wa... More »


The Career of Hans Donkerzijde, and His Amsterdam Portal

Published 10y ago -

The Career of Hans Donkerzijde, and His Amsterdam Portal Imaginary review by Dan Geddes One of the great what-ifs of Amsterdam “Golden Age” architecture was Hans Donkerzijde’s never-completed portal for the east side of the city. Donkerzijde (1613 –... More »

Claude Roget

Claude Roget: Philosopher or Fraud?

Published 17y ago -

Claude Roget: Philosopher or Fraud? Imaginary review by Dan Geddes   Works Discussed Claude Roget: Montmartre Mountebank by Louis Bloch Order Is Terror by Claude Roget Literature and Vacuum by Claude Roget “Uncommunicative Modalities In Roget’s Anti-T... More »


“The Anti-Artist”: Karl Kinski’s D.C. Exhibit

Published 17y ago -

      Imaginary review by Dan Geddes Works Picasso Blockhead Piece of Shit #2 Rhubarb Pie Gramophone Straight Red Line On Paper Nixon’s Mind “Genuine Forgeries” Final Days: Hair Piece Kinski’s Legacy WASHINGTON, DC—The most com... More »


Felix Spielenhammer (1897-1995): “The Heavy Mahler”

Published 18y ago -

Imaginary review by Dan Geddes   The great German composer and musicologist Felix Spielenhammer left an indelible mark on musical history. His development as a composer and theorist mirrors developments in twentieth century music as a whole. His death on ... More »


Alexandria Czechtealeaves: True Psychic

Published 18y ago -

Alexandria Czechtealeaves: True Psychic Imaginary review by Dan Geddes The rise of psychics in recent years has brought a host of charlatans into the public eye. But against this background of fraudulence, one psychic’s image remains untarnished. Alexand... More »

The Movies of Jake Steiger

Published 18y ago -

Imaginary reviews by Dan Geddes Beginning with his first film, Mr. Kleen (1988), writer/director Jake Steiger went on to film some of the most popular films of the 1980s and 1990s.   Steiger’s Filmography   Mr. Kleen (1988) ** ½ All In The Family ... More »


Apparent Idiot Considered Russia’s Greatest Poet

Published 19y ago -

Imaginary review by Dan Geddes 19 October 1999 One overlooked, undoubtedly tragic, consequence of the Cold War was the isolation of Eastern European artists and philosophers. Suppressed, imprisoned or even executed, some of these creative geniuses were prevent... More »

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