Donald N.S. Unger

Donald N.S. Unger

Show BioHide BioWebsiteDon Unger was born at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital and has spent more than fifty years now touring medical facilities across Europe and the Americas. He has published about thirty short stories, a handful of poems, hundreds of journalistic pieces, and done a few dozen radio commentaries for local NPR affiliates. He writes the occasional unpublishable novel as well—one of which was his MFA thesis. He was disappointed to discover that his PhD did not earn him a prescription pad. He accepts that writing is clear evidence of mental illness; he also understands that any relief writing provides is symptomatic and temporary. He has had a headache since 1990.

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Masticators Anonymous

Published 7m ago -

I finally had to break down and admit that my father’s obsessive mastication habit had just gotten out of control; I took him to his first Masticators Anonymous meeting earlier this week. It’s mortifying, of course, to be discussing something like this pub... More »


Trump: The First Forty-Eight Hours

Published 1y ago -

By Donald N.S. Unger 8 January 2017 Friday, 20 January 2017, Noon Donald J. Trump parachuted, from his helicopter, onto the daïs at today’s inauguration, with a pair of underpants on his head—royal blue boxers, with the Trump logo in gold threads—disloc... More »

Malware: “I’m Not the Bad Guy Here”

Published 2y ago -

I’m the “malware” infecting your computer. I’m using the “quotes” because, frankly, I find the term a little snippy and judgmental. And, when I say “computer,” of course, what I really mean is: computer, laptop, netbook, tablet, phone, that wei... More »

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