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Lost Geniuses

Apparent Idiot Considered Russia's Greatest Poet? traces the hapless life of Maxim Sazonov, a possibly major poet who remained undiscovered during his lifetime.

Felix Spielenhammer (1897-1995): “The Heavy Mahler” mourns the death of the great musicologist and passable composer.

The Great Director recounts the movies of the great film maker, Jake Steiger.

Claude Roget: Philosopher Or Fraud? discusses the life and works of Roget, both a prolific philosopher and plagiarist.

Hans Donkerzijde and His Amsterdam Portal. The story of the most illustrious failure of golden age Dutch architecture.

The Anti-Artist reviews a recent Washington, DC exhibition of the great artist, Karl Kinski.

New Faulkner Novel Found welcomes the discovery of a lost William Faulkner manuscript, Sons of the South.

In Memoriam: Dr. Claire Hoyt: "Shrink to the Stars" laments the loss of Dr. Hoyt, who treated famous Hollywood stars, but failed to keep their secrets.

Alexandra: True Psychic tells the life story of an honest psychic.