US Supreme Court Overturns Social Security Act

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Published 6 years ago -

WASHINGTON — Citing the recent decision whereby the Supreme Court overturned Obamacare, the Court has now overturned Social Security Act of 1935 on the same grounds in Smith vs. U.S..

The plaintiff, Orange County millionaire, Weston Smith, sued the Federal Government on the grounds that his Social Security payments forced him to purchase a service against his will and so was “tantamount to slavery.”

Justice Scalia cited the recent Obamacare decision and concurred: “The Constitution does not grant the Federal Government the power to compel people to save money for their retirements. The people must be trusted to make their own decisions concerning their retirement futures, which they should entrust into the loving hands of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.

“Those who are not far-sighted enough to save sufficient funds for retirement deserve to die like dogs under our system of government. God bless America!” Scalia concluded.

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