Old Document Proves “Puff the Magic Dragon” a ’Drug Song’

Tuesday, August 29th, 2000

Published 18 years ago -

BUFFALO—After years of speculation, rumors that the classic folk song “Puff The Magic Dragon” contains allusions to marijuana use, seem confirmed today, after a Buffalo woman found a scrap of paper believed to be penned by the song’s author, Peter Yarrow, of the folk group “Peter, Paul and Mary.”

Martha Allen, 59, found the scrap after inside a battered copy of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test she had just purchased in a Buffalo used bookstore. The document, which a handwriting expert has already confirmed to be Yarrow’s, contains an incriminating fourth verse to the children’s classic, wherein:

“Little Jackie Paper /rolls jointly with our Puff/ Jackie shrinks into a roach / while Puff cries ’That’s Enough!” (Chorus)

Yarrow, who has always maintained the song’s child-like innocence, was unavailable for comment.

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