Las Vegas to Add Niagara Falls Hotel

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003

Published 15 years ago -

LAS VEGAS—Las Vegas developer Mordred Dreyfuss announced his plans today to break ground for the city’s newest Hotel, the Niagara Falls. The Hotel, due to open in 2004, will feature a two-hundred feel high replica of Niagara Falls, complete with actual water falls.

Upon being asked about the wisdom of building a hotel of such a water-intensive theme with full knowledge that Las Vegas is projected to run out of water by 2015, Dreyfuss lashed out against “doomsday wackos.” “Vegas will get water one way or another,” affirmed a confident Dreyfuss. “Even if we have to kill someone,” he chortled.

Las Vegas, a desert metropolis of more than a million people, shares the Colorado River, with much of the American Southwest, including Los Angeles and Phoenix. The heavily siphoned Colorado no longer flows to the sea.

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