Halloween Trick-or-Treaters Charged with Extortion

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Published 4 years ago -

CLEVELAND – Five area children have been charged with extortion after an area woman called the police to complain that she was terrified of Halloween trick-or-treaters.

The five children, aged 7 through 11, and all dressed as Mitt Romney, have been released on bail. Their trial begins next month.

Cleveland Heights Police Officer John Samuels stated: “Think about it: they rang door bells demanding candy and threatening homeowners with menacing tricks. Historically, these tricks include spreading wet toilet paper around homeowners’ bushes, throwing eggs at their windows, or even breaking their windows. These threats to damage private property are real. The complainant feared that they might graffiti her house if she did not comply with their forcible request for treats without compensation.”

Officer Samuels continued: “The Cleveland Heights Police Department anticipated this crime and was quick to respond. Our informants informed us that many juveniles would be participating in such flash mobs, brazenly committing this reckless brand of extortion on October 31st.”

“Many of these juveniles had even planned their activities on Facebook. Others have posted photographs of all their extorted candy online. We will be able to use this as evidence against them. Some photos clearly show upwards of $100 worth of candy.”

“Young people who think they can hide behind the so-called Halloween tradition are in for a rude surprise, at least in this town,” according to Officer Samuels.

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