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High-Tech Saint Nick

Published 3y ago -

        High-Tech Saint Nick Saint Nicholas arrived in Amsterdam, aboard a shiny new ship, looking old as Father Abraham, after his long, tempestuous trip.   “To navigate the stormy seas is tough for any old man. I used old maps—no... More »


Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City

Published 5y ago -

Review by Dan Geddes See also: The Island at the Center of the World The Dutch Republic The First Salute Russell Shorto’s Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City is such an enjoyable book in part because Shorto cherry-picks the most i... More »

How to Survive the Dutch Winter

Published 6y ago -

By Dan Geddes Darkness. Rain. Punishing winds. Gray skies. “Oh God, when will it end?” These are some of the words that come to mind when thinking of Dutch winters. September, when the sun still occasionally shines in Holland, is a good moment to prepare y... More »


Ice Skating on Amsterdam Canals

Published 6y ago -

By Dan Geddes This winter Amsterdam’s canals froze over for the first time since 1997. The ice was deemed safe enough to skate on, and so crowds of people found their ways down to the frozen surface of the canals to skate or just look around. Many people sta... More »

Amsterdam’s Westerpark

Published 10y ago -

by Dan Geddes Like many Amsterdam residents, my family does not have a back garden, and so during warm  summer days, when we wish to be outdoors, we head to the Westerpark, only a few minutes away by bicycle. The Westerpark is the smallest of the parks near t... More »


The Career of Hans Donkerzijde, and His Amsterdam Portal

Published 10y ago -

The Career of Hans Donkerzijde, and His Amsterdam Portal Imaginary review by Dan Geddes One of the great what-ifs of Amsterdam “Golden Age” architecture was Hans Donkerzijde’s never-completed portal for the east side of the city. Donkerzijde (1613 –... More »


Saturday at Amsterdam’s Noordermarkt

Published 11y ago -

by Dan Geddes They say you can get the best apple-pie in Amsterdam on Saturday at the little café on the Noordermarkt.  I get mine smothered with plenty of slagroom (whipped cream) to dunk the last pieces of piecrust in, and a cappuccino. Apple-pie is but on... More »

Learning Dutch

Published 12y ago -

Not German. That’s the first thing they tell you, in the Dutch language books and everywhere else. Well, it’s really not. Linguists even date Dutch as the older of the two languages, though with a common ancestor. But there is still some bitterness... More »

Cycling in Amsterdam

Published 12y ago -

by Dan  Geddes When you think of Holland, the bicycle stands right up there with dikes, windmills, cheese and wooden shoes. It’s very flat here of course, so hills are almost nowhere an issue. Many people in Holland travel to work by bicycle, including ... More »

Weather in Holland

Published 13y ago -

by Dan Geddes A friend once told me that was Amsterdam was the greatest place on earth, “except for the weather. When you find yourself on the Kalverstraat on a cold, rainy day, you might wonder what you are doing here.” There are many great things... More »

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